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We’re a full-service inbound marketing agency located in Portland, Oregon with a focus on serving clients both locally and internationally. We take great pride in the strategies, systems and content we implement to drive sales and achieve our clients wildest goals!

For less than the cost of a full-time employee you can have a team of marketing professionals, programmers, writers, social media specialists, video specialists, branding development specialists, web designers & more!

Our belief is that every little things adds up to have massive impact and achievement in the end.

Marketing the science of selling, which has been perfected over decades. There are simple truths that have been proven to increase sales… most people who call themselves “marketers” have no idea that they exist. We, however, do.


We believe solely in your bottom line. Our job isn’t to make people smile, laugh, or get excited… it is to increase sales – to give you the best return on your investment possible.

Your business needs to be an Italian sports car in a world of Domestic vans… That is where we come in.


Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook is the most influential social media platform. The Facebook site does have a Facebook messenger tool where people send private messages to one another. Facebook initially began as a social platform where friends and families used to interact. Currently, the media has been used as a business platform where people do market their products.

Ways to start marketing using Facebook messenger

The new marketers only know that Facebook Messenger exit and can be used to do marketing, however, they do not know how it operates. The following are ways in which a person can start marketing his or products in Facebook messenger;

Installing a chat box

A chat box is a tool that allows one to start a conversation with other Facebook users. Normally the chat box is charged a small fee for subscription. The chat box will enable one to send messages to potential clients and even enable the transaction. The chat box is very easy to use. Once you have subscribed for the chat box, you can be able to send messages to your clients at no cost.

Utilize the Facebook Messenger ad

The ad is normally called destination ad. It is a tool that opens conversation in the messenger. It enables the marketer to give information to the clients through a messenger; it also becomes a channel where customers make orders for products.

Sending messages to your list

The short messages that are promotional are sent through a messenger to clients. The advantage of this tool is that it conveys personal messages. This way is so effective because the personalized information offered creates trust. It also allows one to segment the list such that messages sent reach to different subscribers.

Benefits of using Facebook Messenger

It enables the marketer to offer better services to the customers. The chat box in messenger is the best way to provide quick responses to customers concerns.

The auto-reply option is so important in that it enables clients to get quick responses and thus to assure them of marketer’s reliability.

The marketer is able to get responses from the clients which will help in identifying the weaknesses and strengths.

Using Facebook Messenger is the best since it is affordable especially to the small and growing businesses.

Facebook Messenger also enables the marketers to get more customers as many people do visit these social websites and they are interested in exploring much about the site.


YouTube Marketing

Online marketing has become the most effective way to advertise and sell products. There are so many online platforms that offer this service. Some of the platforms are very effective than others. YouTube is an effective way to market your products.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is an online service platform that enables people to post videos. The videos may be entertaining, educative or business videos. The marketers now are using this business online service to promote their products. It is a social media platform just like to any other social media as Facebook where people interact across the world.

How to market products using YouTube

The marketer first needs to create a video of the products that he or she is promoting. The video needs to be demographic in nature and must include graphics. Normally, the marketers create a tutorial video showing how the products are used. Besides the tutorial on how to use the product, the benefits, the cost and all other features of the product are shown in the video.

What you need to consider for successful YouTube Marketing

The most important thing is to do research. Before deciding on creating the video, you need to do market research to determine if the niche you are perusing is feasible.

Ensure that the quality of the video that you are posting is good. The content of the video should be clear as well.

To the videos that you have created, you need to add subtitles to enhance the understanding of the viewers.

Make the video to be interesting as possible, in as much as it is an educative video it should have some fun in it.

Benefits of using YouTube to market

YouTube has so many viewers, therefore if you post a quality video, you are sure of getting so many viewers, many of them being potential customers.

It is very easy to share a video on YouTube. Besides the ease, it is also absolutely free to post the videos. Thus the growing businesses get to grow without spending much.

The YouTube platform offers a dashboard where the viewers can like the video.

The YouTube platform does not limit one to the number of videos to post. Therefore one can utilize this to post as many videos as possible.

YouTube is the best platform for the growing business who are marketing new products.

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Right Now, You’re Losing Clients To Your Competition. We’ll change that.